Simply smart shipping

Meet the market. Be part of it.


One digital market

Our goal is to bring the shipping business together to an all-in-one platform, providing greater focus, more efficiency and a richer social experience – so you never miss a deal.


Nurture your network

Connect and interact within seabo: Our social marketplace enables you to efficiently engage with the global shipping community.
Utilize multiple channels and tools to easily setup, expand and sync defined valuable contacts and to advertise your company and portfolio.
This is your hub to create a strong professional network.

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All in One – anytime, anywhere

Work smarter and faster: Our easy-to-use web-based platform is the trusted place to promote and push your business.
Manage and monitor your portfolio, negotiations and circulars, cultivate valued contacts. Access your data from anywhere without installing any software. Online or on the go.
Ship sharp, not slow. seabo.

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Deep market insights – enhanced performance

Stay ahead and aware: We offer you real-time data, latest market forecasts, biz reports, newsfeeds and vast filter options.
Visualize actual weather conditions, cargo or vessel movements on an interactive global map, quickly access and process facts and figures. Trade on targeted transparency and our true value-add: smart technology (esp. machine learning, artificial intelligence).
Our tools help solve problems and simplify your daily work.

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Protect your assets

Share only what you want to share: Our EU-based servers ensure some of the strongest privacy protection laws in the world, keeping your personal data safe and negotiations strictly private.
You decide and adjust for yourself who you get in touch with and what kind of info you want to exchange.
With us, you are in control.

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Tap into tools. Taste the future.

See all your opportunities live.


Best views of the world

Visualize and optimize your portfolio, view and review the market in real-time: See all relevant business data and industry information come to life on our powerful interactive global map. Oversee actual fleet or cargo positions at ports worldwide. Improve routings based on actual wind or weather conditions. Analyze cutting-edge market facts with various filters and match them with on-site charts and satellite data.
Explore new vistas in shipping.


Fast time to market

Speed up decisions and transactions: The Markets screen is your clever cockpit to swiftly select, rate and collect circulars to fix your best-matching vessels and cargoes. Elaborate email filtering, repair and processing technique ensures that only data specifically shared with you in your biz network enter your inbox.
See quality evolve.


Empowering your business

Setup for success, manage your portfolios and deals much more effectively: Profit from smart tables, templates, AIS data, filters and tracking tools to customize, browse and trace all relevant vessel or cargo data. Then switch to smooth negotiations with your preferred peers. Our intuitive chat interface and other whizzy tools enable you to easily discuss offers, settle commissions, file and recap all terms mutually agreed.
View it all at a glance.

Charterers, brokers, shipowners. Hop on board.

We are your primer to personalize and promote your worldwide business. Via web or mobile app. We facilitate and foster your day-to-day business activities. Online or on the go. We know your daily schedule is fully packed.
From now on, it will be much more focused, at ease and fun.

Take control of your contacts Personalize your connections Improve your workflow

Only connect and communicate with who you really want to, handle and control your data. Our sophisticated filtering techniques enable you to cut down your email overload to well-trusted and valuable connections. You are “always on” and on the go, meeting people. We travel with you. From chats to personal widgets, do it your way: Interact directly, manage your global contacts, build and grow a customized professional network. Optimize your portfolio management, view and control vessel data and positions in real-time on an interactive global map. Promote your ships and start business with your preferred peers on our intuitive Markets screen.

Target and track the easy way Access all data
Utilize cutting-edge tools and trends

Comfortably view and control your cargo data and locations or track certain vessels. Our innovative toolset and special aids, including in-depth market reports, keep you up to date and proffer profound business insights. Simplify your portfolio management, promote your business and improve your value-add services. We make sure you stay tuned and in the loop by offering high-level data, market trends, intuitive filtering and more. Deploy latest news, market data, AIS filters, detailed fixture reports, transparency tools, handy templates for better portfolio planning. All at your disposal.

Seal your deals faster Never miss a deal Share data individually

Explore smart bargaining, seal the deal. Our chat-like, easy-to-use interface helps you to directly contact your primary counterparts, select suitable terms and templates, send offers and quickly settle transactions. Swiftly come to terms and fix your deals faster. Carry on negotiations right online or on the move. We are at your side, so you never miss a deadline or deal. All is available at one glance, in just a few clicks. Tailor professional data to your specific needs and manage them distinctly. Get in touch with relevant contacts only, without distraction from disruptive emails, time-consuming selections or ratings.

Save time, reduce costs and risks.
Enter the next efficiency level to unleash your full potential.
With us, you dive deep into the future of the shipping industry. seabo is your top-notch tool to reach the next shipping business level.